X jubilee TEDx Warsaw 2019

X jubilee TEDx Warsaw 2019

Yesterday’s Jubilee X TEDxWarsaw was full of many inspiring and interesting presentations. I am happy to prepare speakers for their speeches and be part of the TEDxWarsaw team. There were, among others, presentations about body-positivity, the use of space resources to save our planet, taboos about child depression, short-term rent, teaching at the best school in the world, as well as climate change, debate, ecology and many more.

Some of this year’s performers include:
-Betty Q, “Positive body”
-Kamil Muzyka, “Can we save the Earth by going off-world?”
-Rafał Szymański, “Depression is our children’s kidnapper”
-Radek Czekan, “Debate once a day”
-Izabella Gorczyca, “Let’s make room for man in school”
-Agnieszka Trzeszczak, “Women for drums- do you have to be good at music?”
-Joanna Erbel, “Rent will change everything”
-Paulina Grabowska, “A super natural future”
-Maciek Ryś, “The power of people”
-Leszek Orzechowski, “Embodied energy of Martian societies”
-Grzech Piotrowski, “One world”

The entire conference can be viewed on the Youtube channel.

Hall in “Mała Warszawa” before the arrival of the audience

Agnieszka in her speech "Baby to Garów"

The whole TEDx Warsaw team - so many people have already been working on the June event for several months.

Team Speaker Curators 🙂

Pictures – our irreplaceable Tomasz Piotrowski 🙂

Once a year our team organizes an “Open audition”, where you can present a demo of your idea for a speech. If you want to be a TEDx speaker and join our community, follow the TEDxWarsaw fan page carefully. We will be publishing information about upcoming auditions there.

Storytelling. What is storytelling? What are the rules of storytelling?

Storytelling literally means telling stories. The key is HOW you tell the story. The magic trick with this technique is to have the audience enthusiastically anticipating what will happen next. Interestingly, storytelling is not a 21st century invention or a novelty in business.

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How to make a good multimedia presentation: rules for creating professional presentations

What are the rules for creating a presentation? How do we utilize the content in order to capture the listeners’ attention and not lose it.

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How to deal with stress? Methods of combating stress

Before we start, I would like to point out that, unfortunately, there is no magic pill that would make stress disappear from our lives. Work on this issue is multifaceted and is often a long process. Better coping with stress can give us an improved quality of life. It is a pity to give up opportunities in life just because they put us under stress.

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How to deal with criticism?

How many times have you not done something just because you were afraid of criticism? How often does the opinion of others decide whether you accept something?

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Methods of dealing with stress from public performances. TRE®, Alexandrov Technique, Schultz Autogeneous Training, Wim Hof method and Jacobson Neuro-muscle Training.

There are many techniques to manage stress, relax and help with stage fright before a public appearance. Below I will review the most interesting ones.

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